As professional residential and commercial building designers, we are often asked, ‘What is the difference between a building designer and an architect?’

Or, ‘Who is better – who should I choose?’

And if you are asking that question, you are most likely starting to think about a residential building design, or a contemporary commercial building project, which means choosing the right service for you is pretty important.

In Queensland, there is actually no difference in the work that can be handled by a building designer, as opposed to an architect.  Differences exist in the education and regulation processes of the 2 professions, but these have little effect on the work output.  However, if you choose a building designer, always choose one who is licensed with QBCC. Conversely, if you choose an architect, they must be board registered.

The choice is really yours, and gets back to our previous article on how to choose the best building designer.

Some have the opinion that architects tend to push the creative boundaries of building design, questioning traditional building design plans.  Others say that building designers take a more practical approach, making sure all the ‘t’s are crossed, and the ‘i’s dotted.

In actual fact, this can be said for both building designers and architects – and depends purely on the individuals experience, talent, and knowledge.

The actual answer is that there is no right answer.  Each building design company or architectural firm should be judged on their own merits, previous experience and projects, and the way they approach a project.

The key to choosing the right design provider is that they make the project work in the best way possible.

Do they have runs on the board?

Have they won any awards?

Do they have testimonials of people who would happily refer them to you?

Have they shown a clear understanding of the ‘red tape’ involved in commercial and residential construction?

We have.

If you would like to talk through your upcoming commercial building project, or residential building design, please be in touch. 


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