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It’s the starting point for your interior design project.

Maybe you have a new house build underway or a home renovation and it’s time to bring it all together with the interior design.

Well, why choose a range of colours, when you can choose just one? It makes the whole interior design process so much easier and delivers elegance and style to your interiors.

You know, the whole ‘less is more’ thing.  As in, there is way fewer choices to make, just the one!

Why does a monochrome colour interior design palette work?

It takes discipline, but using just one base colour and using shades and hues of that tone creates a range of depth without clashing. Once your choice has been made, then the finishing selections are easier – and having a uniform shade can look amazing.

For example, you could choose a warm white as your base colour.   Then by adding furniture and artworks in contrasting colours, the room comes together in a simple, classic way.

Using a monochromatic colour palette means that there is less for your brain to understand and process, and you can include feature pieces that add a wow factor to any interior design project, either residential or commercial.  A base colour approach means that you can focus your space’s best elements.

Calming interior design ideas

We often recommend using a single base colour interior design approach for rooms that should be calming – bedrooms, medical waiting rooms and home offices for example.

You may notice that many commercial health retreats or spas employ a monochromatic approach based on their branding, and they have done this on purpose.  The customer can relax being surrounded by a single tone that relates directly to the branding of the business, creating a specific experience for them. 

It’s not all about flat areas of colour though.

We recommend utilising textures and patterns where you can.  If you are considering a monochrome interior design approach, then this is your chance to let loose with design elements that you might usually avoid, as long as they sit within the base colour range.

The key to pulling this look off? Props. Using elements that provide contrast and interest, and draw the eye away from the base colour, and doing this without going over the top.

If you are considering a new interior design for your home, office or commercial space, and would like some advice, please just get in touch!

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