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We are building designers.  Professionals who design the functional and aesthetic components of a building.  Usually, we are the lead consultant on a project.  Our Clients vary from homeowners to corporations to government entities.  We are also well known for being problem solvers. These elements of our work are reflected in the name chosen for our business.  StruXi is a Latin word that means “to put together, arrange, to pile up, to build, erect, construct; to devise, contrive for success”.   Whilst it sounds like structure or construct, we are neither engineers nor builders.  Our focus is very firmly on contriving, arranging, and facilitating the success of our Client’s projects. We assist our clients by finding or creating new solutions to old problems.  Design projects are personal and unique.  We have the resources to manage many projects and a diversity of experience and knowledge that we can apply to resolve a range of problems.  Our process includes being respectful of our Client’s budget while also assisting them to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of compliance with planning, heritage, building codes and plumbing. Our Clients are our first priority.  Our company exists to solve the problem faced by our Clients.  In achieving this, the Company believes our Clients value a professional relationship built on: 

  • courtesy and respect;

  • delivery on promises;

  • technically correct and complete work; and

  • innovative solutions to old and new problems.

Here are some points on what these values mean to us. Value #1 – courtesy and respect:

  • Every project is important to us.

  • We acknowledge those who are associated with the project.

  • We are continuously focused on the fact that it’s our Client’s project and that it’s their needs, not ours that are in the forefront of our thinking.

Value #2 – delivery on promises:

  • Say what we mean and do what we say.

  • Set goals and do the work to achieve them.

Value #3 – technically correct and complete work:

  • It’s important that whatever we deliver throughout the project is considered and reflective of all the constraints imposed by the brief and relevant legislations, minimising lost time and effort due to rework.

Value #4 – innovative solutions to old and new problems:

  • Technology, products and processes change rapidly, but problems encountered in design and construction generally repeat themselves.  Part of our task is to identify and implement new solutions to old problems.

  • Collaborative working together with our experience and knowledge to create/find the most suitable and innovative solution to a problem

If you would like to know more or think that we may be able to assist you, please contact our team.

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