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A great home is influenced by aspects of life; it is a place of refuge, comfort, radiance and security.  The home needs to be functional with efficient use of space and movement zones combined with an attractive appeal.

These attributes need to be moulded to an overall outcome that suits the occupant's needs whilst reflecting the qualities in the design such as passive and active energy management, and environmentally responsible principles.  The land’s profile, orientation, flora and allowable usage are to be evaluated with the desired home’s parameters.

The start of our commission concentrates entirely on the above under what we call the Sketch Design phase.  The Client’s brief is reflected upon and a step by step process undertaken with regular review opportunities.  As illustrated below, we will typically start with sketches and conceptual layouts before progressing into computer-aided modelling.   The steps required in this initial design phase are discussed with our Clients prior to commencement.

{Preparing for planning and building applications as part of the Documentation phases will only be completed after Sketch Design has reached the Client’s satisfaction.}​

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