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At StruXi, we believe that the strength of our team is due in no small part to the diversity of its members. We represent a variety of ages, experience, and backgrounds.

As a team, we work together to solve a range of problems by leveraging the range of knowledge, experience and creativity that each team member brings. Our goal in the workplace is to maximise the opportunity for a successful outcome for all of our Clients. Working in a functioning team creates an environment where we are encouraged to share knowledge for more efficient and effective work. Each team member is a resource that contributes to the wisdom of decisions.

Open collaboration creates an open environment where people feel valued and heard, contributing to a healthy company culture. When working within a team, the skills of individuals combine to solve problems more creatively and effectively and cover any blind spots that a particular individual might miss. Working together creates a tremendous opportunity for individuals to learn from each other. Effective collaboration requires the feedback and viewpoints from all team members, encouraging personnel to expand their skills more rapidly by spending time with those who have different ideas, knowledge, and experience. When people are continually exposed to new information, it continues the momentum and creates a cycle of innovation and learning that will accelerate new and creative solutions to problems old and new.

The benefits we have found by utilising teamwork and collaboration:

· Promotes problem-solving behaviour.

· Facilitates innovation.

· Connects the team to the bigger picture.

· Supports learning and skill-sharing.

· Increases personal satisfaction.

· Increases the success rate of achieving common goals.

At StruXi, we encourage our staff to consider all members of the design team including our client and consultants to be part of the team. We seek to understand problems, propose solutions, test theories and assess results and then do it again. Each time, the problems become clearer, and the list of possible solutions diminishes, as some are discarded, and others are further developed.

Ultimately, we are here to guide our clients toward the best solution for their problem.

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