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Toowoomba's astounding growth provides the city with an opportunity to lift the standard of its’ built form says award-winning building designer Robin Payne.

The Garden City can do more to match its natural beauty with a beautiful built environment.

Born, raised and educated in Toowoomba he has returned to his hometown after three decades of designing award-winning homes on the Brisbane, Gold and Sunshine coasts.  Robin recalls that when he lived in Toowoomba in the sixties and seventies, the form of Toowoomba's built environment was a little ordinary.

"The city, although a great place to grow up, was more than a little conservative and its buildings somewhat 'vanilla''', he said.  "But since I've been back, I'm seeing it as one of the most vibrant and progressive cities in Australia. Council, town planners and commercial and residential designers can grasp the nettle and make the city a national leader in building design.''

Robin who has been working at StruXi Design since November 2018 said Toowoomba has many outstanding heritage homes and a few examples of great design, but the current booming economy means the city has a chance to make it a leader in contemporary design.

In the past, the city's building designs have for instance tended to not cater for Toowoomba's colder winters.  "I grew up in a chamfer board house in Mackenzie Street where we practically froze in winter,’’ Robin said.  "But with contemporary and efficient design Toowoomba homes can be much warmer requiring the minimum of air conditioning or internal heating. The same applies to a design for summer living.’’

With their adult children having “flown the nest’’, he and his wife decided on new challenges and a change of lifestyle.  A return to his hometown ticked all the boxes.

“I chose to go to work for StruXi because their business philosophy was the same as mine,’’ he said.  “They are innovative and progressive but best of all they are client-focussed.’’

Below we have included some photos of Robin's award-winning design projects.  To book an appointment with Robin to discuss your next project, phone our office on 07 4638 4658 to arrange a suitable time.

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