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Why Redesign the Office?

Some businesses simply wish to redesign their office space because it needs a little love and it hasn’t seen a lick of paint in a decade or so. But the power of a new workplace goes so much further than just ‘making it look better’.

A new environment for your employees can stimulate productivity and inspire creativity. Not only does it retain your current staff, but it could also attract new talent. On top of this, you could reduce running costs with equipment upgrades and eco-friendly features such as installing energy-efficient lightbulbs and using alternative energy.

With all of the above in mind, it’s now becoming difficult to think of a reason why you shouldn’t redesign the office premises! So, here’s some 10 tips to keep in mind for your design project.

Researching Office Trends

By starting off with some simple research, you could potentially save yourself a lot of time by finding out what’s working and not working for others. While doing so, you could also wind up with generous amounts of inspiration, and things that you may not have thought of before you started researching.

Speak to Your Employees

Find out if there is anything in particular that your employees want to see. They may not be building designers, but they may have specific needs or ideas of which you aren’t aware.

Make the Most of the Views

Use any natural light that you can. By removing blinds or even going as far as installing a skylight, you can completely open up the space, meaning your employees no longer feel boxed in and miles away from the outside world.

Choosing the Right Colours

The colour of the office not only changes our mood, it also has an influence on the levels of productivity in the workplace. Green is known to be good for those who work long hours. It doesn’t cause eye fatigue and is generally a very calming colour, whereas red is known to increase the heart rate, promote energy and blood flow, and to invoke emotion and passion.

Show Your Branding

Your employees need to be aware of your vision and values for the company. By showing your branding in the workplace, you’re showing dedication to your business. Branding goes much further than putting your logo on walls, it also shows your personality and characteristics. If you were to have any visitors to the office, branding also makes their experience more memorable.

New Equipment & Resources

If you’re currently working in an office with outdated equipment and old resources, you’ll understand that it’s hard to stay motivated when completing simple tasks seems too difficult. By making a few simple upgrades, productivity in the workplace will increase, you’ll be saving money through energy efficiency, there will be better quality documents and with new technology, new computers and machines like photocopiers are much easier to use.


Once again, new office furniture is another sure way of boosting productivity in the workplace. It also looks pleasant, attractive and makes for a comfortable environment. Make sure to keep in theme with the colours you have chosen, and remember that too much furniture can start looking a little untidy.


Great storage keeps the office clutter-free, organised and productive. It saves time and is essential in order to securely retain and locate valuable files and documents.

Placement of Work Stations

When rearranging work cubicles or desks, be sure that there are none blocking fire exits, and ensure that workers have easy access to each other and equipment.

Be Aware of Sound Levels

Finally, quiet work areas, including private offices, meeting rooms and presentation areas can easily be allocated by using movable walls which can be reorganised as necessary.

If you would like more information on redesigning your office premises, please contact StruXi Design today.

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