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Don’t get trapped thinking you don’t need building approval because you are just moving a few internal walls.

Planning some renovation or fit-out work that doesn’t require a Building Approval?  Wow, what a bonus.  Saving both money and time. You don’t need to pay council fees, probably don’t even need to get a design team on board.  That’s where you could be wrong.  Simply because you are carrying out works inside an existing building doesn’t mean that you don’t need to follow the rules and you could still require building approval – perhaps even a planning approval and could well be a plumbing approval.  Creating a compliant design is more complex than you might first believe and there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration.  Most significantly fire safety.  Distance to, the number of, width and how exits are constructed.  If you do need building approval then you may need to further consider access for people with disabilities, the number of toilets and the structural integrity of the building. 

The most important element of your design is to ensure that it actually meets the functional needs of the people that will be using it without compromising any of the above.  Whilst the process might seem daunting, getting some early advice can ensure that you start the process completely aware of the requirements that you need to meet and ensure that you don’t end up with a non-compliant or worse, an unsafe building for your staff and customers.

StruXi has many years of experience and is available to assist either with a full design service or some casual advice.  All we require is a few key points describing your business needs and activities. 

Contact our office for an appointment to discuss your specific needs on 07 4638 4658 or struxi@struxi.com.au

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