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Have you noticed our social media posts lately?  Specifically, those showing off our rendering capabilities.  We have been working on this for a while to polish the quality of our work.  We choose to complete our visualisations in-house.  Not only does this give our design team better control of the output, importantly it provides employment and training for our staff.

We have invested in software that enables the creation of high-quality 3D renders for our projects.  This gives StruXi the ability to assist our Client’s visualization of their project.  The program allows us to produce realistic concept illustrations and walkthroughs.  All of these options add a layer of understanding for Clients, which can sometimes be difficult to imagine through a typical set of plans produced in Revit.

3D modelling changed the way that design works by providing the ability to interrogate a building as it is being designed.  Rendering opportunities such as this add the next layer of detail, allowing our Client’s to understand the outcomes as they are being created.

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