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We are here to assist our Client’s to achieve an outcome that fits their need.  Sometimes that need turns out to be not what they believe it is at the outset; that is where our team becomes an asset to the project.

We are known as problem solvers.  Our team is passionate about design, and we design for both aesthetics and functionality.  StruXi Design provides a quality and reliable service to our Clients every time.  Our first priority is, and always will be, our Client. 

Design projects are personal and unique.  We have the resources to manage many projects and a diversity of experience and knowledge that we can apply to resolve a range of problems.

StruXi’s team works collaboratively to create custom designs for our Clientele.  The context of the site, aspect, topography and views are taken into consideration in every design produced by our team.  Another significant consideration is the people that inhabit the site, what they do and how they do it.  An important component of any design is to spend time with our Client to understand how they live or work.

Years of experience have taught us that the people at the top are not always the ones who truly understand what goes on.  This can be applicable to a residential project, just as much as a commercial or industrial project. 

Once we understand how the building needs to function, we can then create an aesthetic that is appropriate and responsive to the site.   Our process includes being respectful of our Client’s budget while also assisting them to navigate the sometimes treacherous waters of compliance with planning, heritage, building codes and plumbing.  Typically, StruXi is the single point of contact for our Clients and we assist them in procuring the support of other specialists that may be needed to complete the project, such as Surveyors, Engineers, Planning Consultants, Landscape Architects, and other specialty consultants.

After the design is complete and all the approvals are in place, we are still by your side to support you with selecting your builder and assisting with the minor (and the major) decisions throughout the build process.

Most Building Designers move mountains to convince you to use their services based on their skills and experience, and while those are both extremely important aspects to a design project, StruXi’s approach is a little different.  We have both the skills and the experience.  Our main focus, however, is working hard to ensure that our Clients know their vision and project are important to us.

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