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Great design knowledge and experience form the basis for successfully finding a Commercial Building Designer who delivers results.

It’s one of the main (and most important) parts to get right when starting a new build project.  When choosing your Building Designer, make sure they have experience specifically in commercial design, because there are major factors that separate commercial buildings and residential.

A commercial building project is going to have a completely different scope to a residential home build – as it should.

Commercial building projects are generally larger, so there is more room for issues to arise.  The importance of on-the-job experience, knowing what problems to potentially spot before they affect the delivery chain, and understanding how to resolve them is vital.

Building Designers don many hats, from project manager to minute detail inspector.  They have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to deliver a quality building.

When working with commercial projects, a professional Building Designer will tailor a space specifically for your exact needs.  Whether this is in a retail area, office space or any kind of commercial environment it will be measured and made to fit your unique requirements.

Working within a budget, they will not only will they produce an attractive space but a functional and productive build using a combination of successful elements.

Designing a practical workplace also comes with the responsibility of designing a safe workplace, which is something all professional Commercial Building Designers take into consideration when taking on a project.

If you’re struggling to get council building permissions or permits, they can assist you here too.

By listening to your ideas, building designers can work within your budget to create exactly what you need.  Remember, they want you to be an active participant for the entire process: from telling them your needs to your wanting to make any changes.  After the initial consultation, always ask them to show you their portfolio, pinpointing their specific capabilities.

The more experienced Designers will often shine new light on something you may not have considered for your own project.  Before you sign a written contract with them, make sure you are both fully aware of what the building design entails, down to the finest detail.

Whether it’s a small scale renovation or a brand new build, Building Designers are there for you from start to finish, overseeing everything that is happening at all stages. They provide skills that keep the operation running smoothly and take a huge weight off of your shoulders in regards to managing the construction team. They can also assist in dealing with permits, initial design and documentation.

Here at StruXi Design, we have over 55 years of experience of Building Design on the team, with our seniors having regularly worked on high profile commercial sites.  They are without doubt assets to our Award Winning team.

If you’re looking for somebody to take the stress out of your next project, delivering quality, experience and expertise, please contact us today.

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