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When it comes to your next building design project, be it either residential or commercial, do you want a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach? Or do you want a building design and interior design firm to really, REALLY think it through for the best building design result? We suspect you are looking for the latter – in which case, you’ve come to the right place. In 2016, we won the BDAQ Best Special Project Award for a slightly more unusual project, a Truckwash Facility for the Maranoa Regional Council. Initially, the council engaged us to develop a master plan strategy for the Roma Saleyards, for logistical and economic assessment. During the course of identifying the potential for commercial and industrial uses traditionally compatible with the existing sale-yard operations, the overwhelming need for an improved and updated Truckwash facility become apparent. This is not a regular building design project, but then again, we are not your regular building designer firm. Our curiosity into how this would actually work for the key stakeholder, how it would be the most efficient and effective structure, and how the design could add value to the overall operation came into play.  We brought together the various user groups and consultative entities and managed the design and construction.  This means that we asked questions. A lot of questions.  The sort of questions that drilled down to a level of detail which most firms might not consider. Our belief is that if we ask the right questions, and marry excellent design with form, structure and the required process, the best possible building design result will ensue. The result of this project?  Capacity has increased by as much as 500% through the optimisation of vehicle movements throughout the site, and the individual wash time has reduced by half. No matter what the project, whether it is a residential new home, a renovation, a commercial premises, or an industrial building design project, StruXi Design brings this curiosity and tenacity to the table – making sure that all the right questions are asked, listening to our clients, and really understanding what they are trying to achieve. It is a process of discovery, which forms the foundation for our research and analysis, leading to a building design solution which perfectly meets the brief. If you are looking for a building designer partner who asks the right questions? You found one. Get in touch today – we would love to start asking questions.

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