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Reflecting on the year that passed we realised that 2020 took a lot of us by surprise. However, StruXi was blessed enough to kick a few goals still whilst the world was in overdrive.

The year started with our country literally on fire. Some places a little too close to home. Unfortunately, our team wasn’t able to offer much help to the devasted communities that lost their homes and businesses. We did our best and signed up to the QBCC Bushfire Relief Register – offering our services to those who needed our assistance to rebuild their family or business homes.

Another curveball of 2020 was the worldwide pandemic. Our staff were some of the lucky ones who only had to endure working from home for a month. After the month mark, the team started slowly returning to the office unless they were unwell. New procedures and processes were implemented to ensure the safety of not only our staff but our clients, consultants and anyone who visits our office.

Despite the chaos, we still (virtually) attended our regional and state design awards. We brought home six regional awards – (3 x Residential Renovation Awards, 1 x Best Heritage Design, 1 x Best Special Project and 1 x Industrial Building) and one state award – (Best Heritage Design).

We produced some stunning designs for our Client’s, successfully contributing to our community’s streetscape and now have some beautiful photos of the favourites that were brought to life by local builders. We are secretly holding out for next year when all the fantastic residential designs done by Robin hit handover. You can see more details on these projects via our project portfolio under the ‘Projects’ tab.

2020 also saw us say goodbye to one of our longest standing employee’s – Erin. We also welcomed a new school-based cadet, Raph, following Mitchell’s graduation. Raph joined us for his work experience work in 2019 and decided that he couldn’t get enough of the StruXi vibe. We also welcomed our Technical and Administration Assistant, Kylie in late November.

StruXi turned 15!!! A massive achievement for a small business in a competitive industry. Hat’s off to Owen for leading the ship and cheers to another 15 more!

Other 2020 Achievements:

· We opened an online store for minor services.

· We won over 130 new projects throughout the year!

· We saw a massive rise in the residential market and WE KEPT UP!

· A lot of our processes were updated for the ‘new’ world order

· We bought a new coffee machine, and it is fancy, so make sure you ask for a coffee next time you visit us.

The StruXi team had a fantastic year in many different aspects of their lives. Owen’s firstborn graduated from university, two of Peter’s major projects reached completion (Central Depot and Carnival Lane), Robin survived a massive increase in residential projects following the announcement of the new home building grant incentives. Marc started taking landscape photos again. Jack survived his first year of university. Ethan won the 2020 Student Design Award – go Ethan! Nathan is excited that after 8 years of talking and developing, Cyberpunk 2077 was finally released. Bree completed her second year of her Bachelor of Architecture – only two more to go! Mitchell is proud of how far he has come with producing our concept renders. Bec turned 21 and Lauren married her sweetheart – congrats Loz!

We thank you for your ongoing support throughout the whole of 2020 and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

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