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Welcome to our first blog for 2020. Another year has passed and boy was it a big one! Having the chance to reflect on 2019 over the Christmas break, StruXi has certainly come a long way and we have been able to achieve some amazing goals over the past twelve months.

Reflecting on the year that’s passed is a great way to see how far we have come and to help set our goals for the year ahead.

2019 was an exciting year for the StruXi team.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work on many incredible projects. 2019 saw StruXi receive ten awards at the Building Designers Association Design Awards (Regional, State and National). At the State Design Awards held in July, StruXi came away with the premier award for Commercial Project of the Year (The Longs Quarter Redevelopment) for the second consecutive year after winning this category in 2018 for The Laundry Street Redevelopment. This then saw StruXi represented at the National Design Awards, where we were fortunate enough to also receive the Best Alteration / Additional Commercial Design for The Longs Quarter Redevelopment.

We produced some truly magnificent designs for our client’s that contributed to our community’s streetscape and now have some wonderful photos of the favourites that were brought to life by local builders. You can see more details on these projects via our project portfolio under the ‘Projects’ tab.

2019 also saw the StruXi team welcome three new staff members. Ethan and Mitchell both joined the design team in February, while Bec our lovely receptionist joined us in April. Growing the team has allowed us to take on a larger workload and allowed us to expand our rendering skills and capabilities to help assist our client’s in having a more visual experience with their project.

Other 2019 achievements:

  • StruXi turned 14

  • We celebrated being in our new office for one year

  • Purchased our first 3D Laser Scanner (affectionately known as LuLu)

  • Published our new website

  • Owen finally installed our new whiteboard

The StruXi team had an amazing year in many different aspects of their lives. Owen turned 50, Peter’s family grew by one (a beautiful baby granddaughter), Mitchell graduated high school, Bree turned 21, Robin spent 3 weeks in Italy celebrating his birthday (we were all very jealous), Jack booked a WHOLE month-long Europe Tour for 2020, Nathan got the news he was going to be an uncle for the 7th time (due April 2020), Marc taught his cockatiel to stand on his shoulder, Ethan took his boys on weekend trips to the Gold Coast & Brisbane, Bec went on her first trip overseas to New Zealand, Erin began renovating her family home and Lauren got engaged.

Before we all ran away from the office for the Christmas break, we celebrated the year that was as a team at Owen’s.

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