Year Project Completed: 2016
Project Builder: Hutchinson Builders
Photography: Hutchinson Builders

The Alpha Hospital project includes a hospital, ambulance station, fire station, police station, aged care facility, staff accommodation and a community meeting room.

Alpha is located in Central Queensland, four and a half hours west of Rockhampton and approximately 10 hours drive from Toowoomba. Due to this remote location, the project was delivered as a jigsaw puzzle. The hospital, ambulance station, aged care and staff accommodation were produced in a factory in Toowoomba and approximately 60 individual components were transported to site for fabrication.

In addition to the modular components, the fire station and police station were designed as traditional on-site construction.

The timeline imposed by the end user meant that construction of chassis frames needed to commence just two weeks after the project was awarded. The co-ordination and co-operation between the consulting team and the builder was immense. Almost every element was installed before the pieces left the factory, leaving only finishing touches and connection treatments to be carried out on site.

BDAQ State (Qld) Awards 2017 - Winner Best Special Project
BDAQ Regional (South West) Awards 2017 - Winner Best Special Project

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